Helpful tips to help you make the right choice

1. Real Leather or Faux Leather:

If you buy real leather it will wear better over time and last years. They make great faux leather now which looks like the real thing. If you choose faux, go with a thicker matt texture.

2. Cropped or hip length:

It depends on what you will be wearing it with. For dresses and skirts go with cropped. If you are mainly wearing jeans and trousers go with hip length.

3. Gold or silver zippers:

They can both look great. If you are going for the more casual tomboy look, go with silver. If you are mainly wearing gold and want a more current fashion trend jacket go with gold.

4. Style:

There is a variant of styles out there now. The collarless version is great for a smarter, more polished look. You can’t beat the classic lapel jacket for a more casual look. If you want to go for a jacket with a more authentic Biker look with padding on the arms and shoulders, take into consideration that this might not look good with a pretty dress, better to wear it with jeans and boots.

Sylvia Calder is the Stylist based at Luxury Wellbeing and is available throughout Edinburgh.