Effortless Style Dressing

You should look like you have not spent all day thinking about your look. It’s about appearing effortless, but really a lot of thought goes behind looking this way.

Our lifestyle is so much more busy these days and we can sometimes get lazy on how we dress. We can be guilty of wearing the same favourite items in our wardrobe and rushing out the door in the morning. Looking good for the day ahead should not be difficult or stressfull.

Effortless dressing starts with an organised wardrobe. Start by going through your wardrobe and seperating your clothes into item order, all dresses together, all jackets together etc, trust me on this one, it makes the process much easier. Take a look at each section and take out items that you have not worn in the last 9 months. Also take out items that are torn, don’t fit or that are out of date. Decide wether you want to give them to a friend or a charity shop.

Once you have gone through all the items in your wardrobe and you are happy with what you have left, look to see if you need to buy any items. Effortless dressing requires a knowledge of how to pair your clothes for different looks. It helps when you have the right pieces in your wardrobe.

Invest in timeless classic pieces like a tailored jacket, well fitted dark denim jeans and a pair of classic heels. These items mix well with current trends and can be easily dressed up or down.

Don’t forget jewellery and handbags. Go through these also and take out those items that no longer sit well with what you are wearing. You should have a large Tote handbag which you use everyday and can hold everything and clutch for evening in a neutral colour that will go with all colours in your wardrobe.

Keep jewellery to a minimum with statement pieces for evening and finer items used during the day.

My Top Five Must Have items to accessorize your outfits:

Great pair of heels
Faux fur scarf/ wrap
Moc croc clutch bag
Red lipstick
Black mascara (always black)

To look effortless really means you didn’t overthink your outfit.

Sylvia Calder Personal Stylist at Luxury Wellbeing Edinburgh