White Button Shirt

By Stylist Sylvia Calder
The white button down shirt is a constant staple for any womans wardrobe. Fresh, clean & classic describes this wardrobe essential. It is so easy to dress up or down and never goes out of fashion.

The start of 2017 saw the white button shirt start appearing in the shops in quite a different way to what we have seen over the years. This classic item has been deconstructed to give a different look and is a must have item for summer 2017.

If you are looking to replace your white shirt or add another one, go for a deconstructed look as a current alternative.You will see some with bell sleeves, lace up backs and ruched side detail.

This classic will go nicely with your favourite pair of jeans, skirt, dress trousers and fitted blazer offering us a fresh take on shirts.

Zara White Poplin shirt with open detail on back with bow fastening.




White Poplin Asymmetric Bow Shirt



Victoria Beckham